February, a month synonymous with love, offers a romantic backdrop for couples looking to tie the knot. With winter’s chill still lingering, the right choice of wedding flowers can either embrace the icy feel or add warmth and beauty to your celebration. Many flowers are now available all year round but, in this guide, we’ll explore a seasonal selection of February wedding flowers that not only complement the season but also infuse your special day with romance and joy.

With Valentine’s Day featuring this month be aware that flower prices rise significantly around the 14th and the price of red roses will rise astronomically!

  1. Snowy Hydrangeas: Embrace the winter theme with the fluffy, snowball-like blooms of hydrangeas. Available in various shades, including white, blue, and lavender, hydrangeas add a sense of luxury and fullness to bouquets and centrepieces. Their versatility allows them to complement both classic and rustic wedding themes.

2. Chamelaucium (Waxflower):  This beautiful little flower is a perfect filler in centrepieces and bouquets. Available in white, pinks and deeper pinky/purple tones it is a great alternative to gypsophila and with its lemony fragrance, smells a lot better too. 

3. Daucus (Wild Carrot, Queen Anne’s Lace):  A delicate countryside flower, Daucus is a perfect choice for a natural, rustic feel.  Its flat flower heads curl over its stalk and its pinky red colour brings warmth to designs.  Its cousin Ammi is almost identical but white in colour.

4. Genista:  This elegant, sweet-scented shrub has long slender branches covered in tiny flowers.  It gives a perfect spring feel to designs and lots of delicate movement.  The creamy white is my favourite but the yellow is a great touch of colour too.  I prefer natural blooms but if you’re happy to go with dyed branches then the colour options are broad – pink, purple, orange, blue. 

5.Ranunculi: The oh so pretty Ranunculus is an absolute must if you’re getting married in February.  The plethora of paper-thin petals packed tightly together are perfection.  It’s available in many stunning colours from delicate pinks to punchy oranges and deep burgundies.  But be warned, it’s not suitable for use in floral foam (or buttonholes) so think mini vases and rose bowls if you want to fill your wedding with these beauties.  

6. Gentiana:  Fancy a punch of colour, specifically blue? Then choose Gentiana.  One of the true blue flowers, their stiff stems are fantastic for large formal arrangements and their colour will contract beautifully with bright spring whites and yellows, or even pretty pinks.

 Ideas for February Wedding Bouquets

Snowy Whites – Embrace the cold grey weather and go for an indulgent bouquet filled with an abundance of white Hydrangea, Roses and Chamelaucium.  Set against a backdrop of silvery foliage such as Eucalyptus and Mimosa you can really rock a Snow Queen look.

Cottage-Garden Charm – For a beautiful, natural rustic aesthetic include Lupins, Ranunculi, Daucus, Genista, Tulips, Syringa (lilac).  Teamed with a variety of fresh foliage such as ivy, pittosporum, pistache, and finished with a hessian ribbon this style of bouquet is perfect for any country girl.

Valentine’s Vibe – We can’t talk about February without mentioning Valentine’s Day and classic red roses.  If you go for this option, be prepared to pay through the nose for it and consider softening the look with Waxflower, Thlaspi or Daucus.

As you plan your February wedding, don’t let the cold, dreary weather put you off.  There are plenty of gorgeous blooms to choose from whether you want a snowy scene, a warm atmosphere or a touch of vibrant spring colour.  As well as all the fabulous seasonal stems, remember that roses, dianthus, gypsophila, alstroemeria, lisianthus and many other staples are available all year round. You can be confident that a February wedding can be as beautiful and romantic as any other time of year. So, get researching, pop onto Instagram and Pinterest and start imagining your special day.   If you’d like help bringing your ideas to life, then book a Zoom consultation (using the link below) and we can chat about how to make your day magical. https://calendly.com/pollysgarden/wedding-flowers-consultation