Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding FAQs

How far in advance do I need to book?

Eight months to a year is a perfect time to book your wedding florals with me.  Of course, you can secure the date much earlier than that, but I won’t be able to give you a fixed quote that far out as market prices will likely change too much.  If you’re booking last minute, that’s fine too so long as I’m available.

What do I need to do to get the ball rolling?

Book a zoom consultation using this link.  It is imperative that we talk face to face so that I can really understand what you’ve planned so far and what you’re looking for.

Do you do packages?

No, I passionately believe that each wedding should be unique – no off the peg packages here!

Do you have a minimum spend?

Yes, my minimum spend is £1,000.

How much do flowers cost?

Flowers usually make up 10% of your total wedding budget.  The cost of designs vary considerably depending on the look you’re going for and the flowers you’d like to include but as guide bridal bouquets start from £120, bridesmaid bouquets from £70, buttonholes from £9, table designs from £60 and large designs and installations from £250.

Do I need to pay up front?

You need to pay the booking fee of £250 to secure the date, the rest can be paid in two instalments, 12 and 8 weeks before the wedding.

Will I be one of many weddings each week?

Absolutely not – I offer an exclusive service as I believe you and your wedding deserves my undivided attention in the run up your big day and on the day itself.

Do I need to collect the flowers for my wedding?

No, your flowers will be delivered to your venue and your venue will be personally dressed by me.  The cost for delivery and set up will be included in your quote.

I’m not sure what designs I need at my venue?

Don’t worry, once you book with me, we can do a venue visit together to check the plans will work and ensure that you have everything you need to make your venue look fabulous.

What if my designs need moving during the day?

Because I only work on one wedding at a time, I can stay on site to move things around as required.

What if I am getting ready somewhere else?

Bridal party flowers can be delivered to a different venue of your choice.  Multiple drops can be arranged.

What will happen at the end of the wedding?

When you’ve finished partying, I will ensure that everything is cleared away, leaving behind any flowers and designs that you want to keep. I liaise with your venue to do this at a time that suits them.

Do you just do flowers?

No, I have a range of vases, lanterns, pedestals, candles and arch that are available to hire.

What if I haven’t chosen my colours yet?

That’s fine (so long as your wedding isn’t a week away!).  Understanding your style and vision is the first step.  Colours can be decided later or even changed until quite close to the wedding.

What if I need lots and lots of flowers?

Then you’re my type of person!  If your requirements are too much for me alone, I will bring in trusted freelancers who will help create designs under my close supervision.  Your bridal bouquets will always be made by me.

Funeral FAQs

Do I need to use the Funeral Director’s recommended florist?

No, you can order flowers from a florist, or florists, of your choice.  Many funeral directors use companies such as Interflora which can be convenient but be mindful that they will both take a cut so in terms of value for money you are probably better off going direct to a florist.

What should I choose?

The choice is huge and I appreciate it can be overwhelming.  Sprays for the coffin are usually chosen by the immediate family.  Smaller sprays, wreaths, sheaves and shapes can be given by family and friends.  If you’re struggling to decide, I suggest you give me a call and together we can work out what is the best choice.  I always recommend thinking about what your loved one liked, what sort of personality they had and how you feel about them – if you focus on these things then colours and styles tend to choose themselves.

Are there particular flowers I should or shouldn’t include?

I feel it’s important to choose things that you like, and which mean something to you but, always be mindful that certain flowers and colours are inappropriate in certain culture and religions.  Let me know the circumstances and I will make sure your floral tribute is respectful and appropriate. If you’d like to use flowers that hold a particular meaning, then I suggest you check out my information sheet Flower Symbolism

What if I have something personal that I’d like to include?

Then just let me know.  Personal touches and keepsakes are what makes funeral flowers so special and I’m very keen to help you accommodate them whether it’s a particular photograph, tie, flower, badge, hat, hair slide, teddy etc.

My loved one was an avid gardener; can I include things from the garden?

Yes absolutely!  If you are local then I am more than happy to pop along and help you to choose flowers and foliage that you’d like to include in the tribute.

Can you do eco/sustainable designs suitable for woodland burials?

Yes, natural, foam free designs that totally break down into the earth are available, just give me a call to discuss options.

What if the family say no flowers?

If the family request no flowers or that donations are given to a charity instead then it’s good etiquette to respect those wishes. Perhaps send a sympathy bouquet or arrangement to the family instead.

Will you deliver the flowers?

Yes, flowers are usually delivered to the funeral directors and I will liaise with the funeral director to ensure they are in good time.  You can of course collect them if you want to take them in person. Delivery costs will be included in your quote.

What area do you deliver to?

I deliver to anywhere within a 15-mile radius of Wokingham.

What if the funeral is early in the morning?

This is not a problem at all.  I will liaise with the funeral director and ensure your flowers are there in good time or delivered the night before.

How much notice do you need?

This depends a lot on what you’d like.  Flowers such as lilies need plenty of time (a week) to open so that they are perfect on the day, other bespoke shapes and frames can time to order.  However, wreaths, sprays, hearts, lettering can be made with just a couple of days’ notice.  It’s best to contact us about as soon as you know the date of the funeral.