July is a month brimming with vibrant colours, warm sunshine (we hope), and a rich selection of blooms that can transform any wedding into a stunning celebration of love and natural beauty. With a variety of flowers at their peak during this summer month, couples have a plethora of options to choose from to create their perfect wedding day. In this blog, we’ll explore seasonal wedding flowers for July and offer ideas for incorporating them into your decorations and bouquets.


Also known as the “pincushion flower,” Scabiosa boasts delicate, frilly petals that come in a range of colours including soft pinks, blues, and purples.  It has long, clean stems which make it perfect for natural, modern bouquets where movement and differing heights are the name of the game.

Decor Ideas: Use Scabiosa in centrepieces for a whimsical touch or in boutonnieres for a delicate yet distinct look. Their light, airy appearance makes them perfect for garden-themed weddings.


Known for their tall spikes and vibrant hues of blue, purple, white, and pink, Delphiniums add height and drama to any arrangement. Whilst they create a striking silhouette, the multitude of little flowers means Delphiniums can be used both in clean modern designs or where the theme is country garden. (Hannah bouquet or aisle designs)

Decor Ideas: Create stunning altar arrangements or aisle markers with tall designs filled with Delphiniums or use them in bouquets to add vertical interest and a splash of colour.


These nostalgic flowers are known for their sweet fragrance and come in shades of white, pink, red, and purple. A mass of pretty heads cluster at the top of each stem giving a romantic cottage garden feel to any design –  perfect for relaxed romantic outdoor weddings.

Decor Ideas: Incorporate Phlox into table designs using bud vases and low bowls for a pop of colour and a lovely scent. These blooms are also great for filling out bouquets with their lush clusters and sweet fragrance – a treat for the senses.


Cosmos are charming, daisy-like flowers with delicate petals in colours ranging from white and pink to deep maroon.  Their naive shape and simple clean stems again make them a great choice for ‘just picked’ bouquet styles.  They are also perfect for taller, open-style designs where they give a light and airy height.

Decor Ideas: Use Cosmos in wildflower-inspired bouquets for a natural, carefree look. They also work well in floral crowns for brides or bridesmaids.

Alchemilla Mollis (Lady’s Mantle)

This plant features frothy clusters of tiny, chartreuse-green flowers and soft, velvety leaves.  Alchemilla adds a delicate freshness to designs, perfect for use alongside oranges, yellows and whites as well as pinks and purples.  (Close-up of funeral flowers)

Decor Ideas: Alchemilla Mollis is perfect for adding texture and a touch of green to bouquets and arrangements. It’s a great little filler flower and makes a nice, more subtle, change from the ever-popular white gypsophila.


A timeless classic oozing romance, roses come in an extensive variety of colours and sizes.  Roses are a favourite all year round but the summer months see the appearance of ‘Garden’ varieties known for their mass of petals and recognisable scent. Roses are a perfect choice for weddings as they symbolise love and passion.  (Megan bouquet – garden rose)

Decor Ideas: Roses can be used right across a wedding – delicate spray roses are perfect for corsages, garden roses add luxury and scent to bouquets, and large varieties give great visual impact in arches. Whether you choose bud vases for your centrepieces or classic pedestal bowls, you just can’t go wrong with roses.

July Wedding Bouquets

  1. Romantic Garden Bouquet: Combine soft pink Scabiosa, white and pink Roses, and Phlox with sprigs of Alchemilla Mollis for a lush, romantic bouquet. Wrap the stems in a trailing silk ribbon for an elegant finish.
  2. Wildflower-Inspired Bouquet: Create a free-spirited bouquet with a mix of Cosmos, Delphinium, and Phlox. Add in some greenery like eucalyptus and tie it with a rustic burlap ribbon for a charming, laid-back vibe.
  3. Dramatic Statement Bouquet: Don’t be afraid to go dark, even in the summer, if that’s your vibe. For a bold look, opt for deep purple Delphinium, dark maroon Cosmos, and vibrant pink Roses. Accentuate with Alchemilla Mollis and finish with a dark, velvet ribbon for a touch of luxury.

Decoration Ideas

  1. Floral Arch: Construct a breathtaking archway for your ceremony with an abundance of Delphinium, Roses, and trailing greenery. This makes a perfect backdrop for exchanging vows and for memorable photos.
  2. Bud Vase Table Centrepieces: Create eye-catching centrepieces using a mix of Phlox, Scabiosa, and Roses in pretty bud vases. Add in some Alchemilla Mollis for a soft, cohesive look as well as candles for a romantic ambiance as the sun sets.
  3. Meadow-Style Aisle Designs: Line your ceremony aisle with trays of Cosmos, Alchemilla, Delphinium, Roses, Scabiosa, Ammi and Phlox for a natural, rustic look and maximum impact.  These designs can easily be tweaked to go onto your reception tables especially if you are going for a long banquet-style seating.  

Final Thoughts – July offers a stunning array of flowers that can be used to create memorable and beautiful wedding decorations and bouquets. By incorporating blooms like Scabiosa, Delphinium, Phlox, Cosmos, Alchemilla Mollis, and Roses, you can craft a wedding day that is as vibrant and unique as your love story. Whether you prefer a romantic garden theme or a wildflower-inspired look, these flowers will help bring your wedding vision to life in the most gorgeous way.

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