Whilst many flowers are available all year round, I feel May is when flowers start to feel like they are properly available!  The spring bulbs are coming to an end and the promise of summer colour is beginning to show itself in the garden.  May is an incredibly popular time for weddings – the choice of flowers is wide and the weather is starting to warm up, yet everything still looks fresh and new.  Peonies – a classic wedding flower – come into flower in May along with sweet peas, ammi, allium and delphinium, creating stunning floral backdrops to any wedding. In this guide, we’ll delve into the allure and characteristics of these blooms, offering inspiration for creating memorable floral arrangements that capture the essence of May.

Sweet Peas: Radiating elegance and fragrance, sweet peas symbolize delicate pleasures and blissful moments. Available in a spectrum of pastel hues, including soft pinks, purples, and creams, they add a romantic touch to bouquets and centrepieces. Their tendrils gracefully intertwine, lending a whimsical charm to any floral design. Incorporate sweet peas into bridal bouquets for a dash of vintage allure or weave them into tablescapes to evoke a sense of nostalgia and sophistication.

Allium: With their spherical blooms atop tall, slender stems, alliums exude contemporary elegance and architectural flair. These globe-shaped flowers, ranging from vibrant purples to pristine whites, certainly capture your attention and can provide a modern aesthetic. Whether used as focal points in bouquets or clustered together in minimalist centrepieces, alliums make a striking statement, symbolizing unity and harmony. Their distinctive silhouette adds depth and interest to designs, making them a great choice for May weddings.

Ammi: Often referred to as “Queen Anne’s Lace,” ammi embodies rustic charm. Featuring intricate clusters of tiny, white flowers atop lacy foliage, it exudes an air of understated elegance and natural grace. Ammi’s delicate appearance complements various floral styles, from romantic garden themes to rustic chic settings. Incorporate it into bouquets, boutonnieres, or floral crowns for a whimsical touch, or scatter its blooms along tables for a dreamy, countryside ambience.

Cornflower: Known for its vivid blue petals and delicate appearance, the cornflower embodies simplicity and charm. With its dainty blooms, cornflower evokes a sense of countryside warmth and natural beauty. Cornflowers effortlessly complement a range of colour palettes, from classic whites to vibrant yellows and blush tones.  Just a few accents of their iconic bright blue can totally change the look of your floral designs adding in a touch of vintage romance and countryside chic.

Delphinium: With its towering spikes adorned with multiple little blooms, delphinium provides a sense of grandeur. Available in shades of blue, purple, pink, and white, it adds a pop of colour and drama to floral arrangements. Delphinium’s lofty stature makes it a striking choice for tall centrepieces or statement installations, creating visual interest and drawing the eye upward. Whether used as a focal point or as part of a mixed bouquet, delphinium infuses May weddings with a sense of cottage garden charm and tasteful opulence.

Peonies: A wedding favourite, peonies are renowned for their large heads and plethora of petals.  Their blousy voluminous blooms, in shades of white, pink, coral and burgundy, make them real showstoppers.  They are perfect for bridal bouquets, large designs or simple bud vases to create a truly romantic vibe.  Peonies are one of the last truly seasonal flowers with their window of availability being just May and June, making them even more luxurious and alluring!

Bride carrying a coral peony wedding bouquet

May Wedding Bouquets

  1. Peony Perfection: Embrace the luxurious beauty of peonies by creating a bouquet featuring these sumptuous blooms in various shades. Combine soft pink, creamy white, and blush peonies with delicate greenery for a romantic and timeless look. Add touches of texture with trailing vines or fern fronds for an ethereal, garden-inspired feel.
  2. Wildflower Whimsy: Capture the natural charm of the season by opting for a bouquet inspired by wildflowers. Mix and match an array of blooms such as daisies, cornflowers, sweet peas and Queen Anne’s lace for a relaxed and rustic vibe. Add pops of colour with vibrant blooms like poppies or delphiniums and tie off your bouquet with raw silk ribbon.
  3. Pastel Elegance: Create a dreamy bouquet using a soft pastel colour palette reminiscent of springtime. Combine delicate blooms such as sweet peas, lisianthus, and the last of the ranunculus in shades of pale pink, lavender, and buttery yellow. Incorporate touches of ivory or white to add contrast and some delicate fresh green foliage.

Incorporating seasonal flowers into your May wedding not only celebrates the beauty of nature but also infuses your special day with a sense of freshness and vitality. From the delicate tendrils of sweet peas to the sumptuous blooms of peonies, each flower brings its own unique charm and character to floral arrangements. Whether you opt for a rustic countryside affair or an elegant garden soirée, these seasonal blooms will undoubtedly add a touch of magic and romance to your May wedding, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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