Choosing a wedding bouquet is an exciting part of wedding planning, but with so many styles available, it can be a bit overwhelming. From classic round hand-tied arrangements to whimsical ‘just picked’ bouquets, each type has its own charm and best complements different wedding dresses and bride silhouettes. Whilst there are no hard and fast rules – other than choosing what you love! – the following guide will help you decide on a bouquet that flatters you and your dress as well as fitting in with your wedding aesthetic.

1. Round Hand-Tied Bouquets

Description: A round hand-tied bouquet is a classic choice, featuring flowers arranged in a dome shape and tied together with ribbon. This style is versatile and can include a variety of flowers, from roses to peonies, creating a full, lush look.  Whether you like a neat bouquet made with one variety of flower or a soft, textured, mixed-flower look, hand-tied bouquets can be made to suit any taste.


  • Dress Choice: This bouquet pairs beautifully with traditional ball gowns, A-line dresses, and other classic silhouettes. The symmetry of the bouquet complements the structured look of these dresses.
  • Bride Size/Shape: Ideal for brides of all shapes and sizes, the round hand-tied bouquet is a timeless option that adds elegance without overwhelming the bride’s frame.
Autumn colour wedding bouquet including roses, Leucospermum and Kangaroo paw against the side of the bride's dress
Autumn Bridal Bouquet – 1
Peach and Blush David Austin Rose Bouquet – 1

2. Small Posy Bouquets

Description: Small posy bouquets are delicate and petite, often consisting of a small, compact arrangement of flowers. Despite their size, the choice of flowers (often small flowers such as Lily of the Valley and Sweet peas) can mean these bouquets are as costly as larger designs.  They are easy to hold and perfect for bridesmaids as well. (Kate Middleton had a petite posy style.)


  • Dress Choice: Best suited for simple, understated wedding dresses such as sheath or empire waist gowns. The modest size of the posy bouquet doesn’t overshadow the dress.
  • Bride Size/Shape: Perfect for petite brides who may find larger bouquets overwhelming. It’s a subtle accessory that complements without drawing too much attention.  If you’re a bride who is tall or on the larger size, these little posies could look unbalanced and out of proportion with your silhouette, so perhaps try something a bit bigger.
Sweet pea bridal bouquet – 1

3. Cascade Bouquets

  • Description: Cascade bouquets feature flowers that flow downward, creating a waterfall effect. This dramatic style often incluses a mix of flowers and greenery and adds a sense of grandeur and elegance.


  • Dress Choice: Ideal for formal or elaborate gowns, such as mermaid or trumpet styles. The cascading flowers enhance the drama of these dresses.
  • Bride Size/Shape: Best for taller brides, as the length of the bouquet can overwhelm shorter brides making you appear even shorted.  (Princess Diana had a cascade bouquet and despite being above average height, it did overwhelm her a bit!)

4. Teardrop Bouquets

Description: Similar to the cascade bouquet but more tapered, the teardrop bouquet has a rounded top and narrows to a point at the bottom, resembling a teardrop shape.  Teardrop bouquets can range from very formal neat designs to something which is softer and more natural. 


  • Dress Choice: Pairs well with structured dresses like A-line or ball gowns. The teardrop shape harmonizes with the structured look of these dresses.
  • Bride Size/Shape: Suitable for brides of all shapes, though it particularly complements taller brides due to its length and shape.

5. Asymmetrical Bouquets

Description: Asymmetrical bouquets are intentionally designed to look unbalanced, with flowers and foliage arranged in a more freeform manner. This style is modern and artistic.


  • Dress Choice: Perfect for contemporary or bohemian dresses. The asymmetrical design adds a unique touch to modern silhouettes and flowing boho gowns.
  • Bride Size/Shape: Great for brides who want to make a statement. It works well with both tall and petite brides, depending on the size of the bouquet.
Sunflower bridal party bouquets – 1

6. ‘Just Picked’ Bouquets

Description: ‘Just picked’ bouquets are designed to look as if the flowers were freshly gathered from a garden. They often include a mix of seasonal flowers and greenery, and have flowers placed at different heights, creating a natural and relaxed appearance.


  • Dress Choice: Complements rustic, vintage, or bohemian wedding dresses. The informal look of the bouquet pairs well with lace, chiffon, and other soft, romantic fabrics.
  • Bride Size/Shape: Versatile for brides of all sizes. This bouquet adds a whimsical touch without being overly structured or formal.
Wildflower bouquet with Tanecetum – 1

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right bouquet involves considering both your wedding dress and your personal style. Whether you opt for the classic elegance of a round hand-tied bouquet or the modern artistry of an asymmetrical arrangement, your bouquet should reflect your personality and complement your overall bridal look. Remember, the best bouquet is one that makes you feel confident and beautiful as you walk down the aisle. Happy planning!

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