1. Quality of Flowers
    One of the key factors contributing to the expense of wedding flowers is the quality of the blooms themselves. Couples want their wedding arrangements to be flawless, and this means using premium, fresh flowers. These high-quality blooms are sourced from reputable suppliers and have been carefully grown, conditioned and maintained to ensure they are at their peak on your big day. The cost of such flowers is significantly higher than the cheap varieties you find in local supermarket bouquets.

2.Skill and Expertise

Floral design is a true art form, requiring a high level of skill and expertise – it’s not just having a  good eye! Professional florists spend years training, honing their craft, learning about different flower varieties, colour palettes, and design techniques. They possess the knowledge and creativity to transform a couple’s vision into stunning floral arrangements that match the theme and style of the wedding. The skill and experience of a florist are factors that contribute to the cost of their services.

3. Time and Labour

Creating wedding flowers is a time-consuming process. From meeting with clients, designing, planning, ordering, collecting and conditioning flowers through to creating and arranging them into bridal bouquets, centrepieces, floral arches and pedestals, each step requires meticulous attention to detail. Florists and their teams often work long hours in the days leading up to the wedding to ensure everything is perfect. The labour involved in producing these custom creations adds to the overall cost. At Polly’s Garden we also stay on-site during the day to move designs around if necessary.

4.Bespoke Service

When you hire a professional florist for your wedding, you’re not just paying for the flowers; you’re also investing in a high level of service. Florists work closely with couples to understand their preferences, style, and theme. Florists offer guidance and expertise in choosing the right flowers and designs, ensuring that everything is coordinated seamlessly. This level of personalized service and consultation is an invaluable aspect of the overall expense. At Polly’s Garden, we believe every wedding is unique, and every design is bespoke.  We only work on one wedding at a time so that you get our undivided attention.

5. Taking Responsibility

When it comes to weddings, florists understand the importance of their role in creating a magical atmosphere. They take on the responsibility of ensuring that the floral arrangements are delivered and set up flawlessly on the big day. This involves careful transportation, installation, and coordination with other vendors. Florists work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and this commitment adds to the overall cost.  At Polly’s Garden, I want your day to be perfect and stress free, so I work with clients to build trust so that they can truly delegate and just enjoy their big day.

While wedding flowers may seem expensive, it’s important to recognize that their cost reflects the quality, skill, time, level of service, bespoke nature, and responsibility that go into creating these beautiful arrangements. Florists are dedicated professionals who work diligently to turn your wedding dreams into reality through their artistry and expertise.  Floral décor plays such a huge part in setting the atmosphere and specialness of your day.  At Polly’s Garden I love getting feedback from my couples saying how much they adored their flowers, how their vision has been brought to life and how many of their guests commented on how beautiful they were.  So, hopefully you can now see that flowers are worth the money considering the role they play on your wedding day in creating a fabulous atmosphere and providing stunning visual memories that will last a lifetime.