Wedding Flower Trends 2024

As we move closer to the start of the 2024 wedding season, now is a good time to look at the trends that are getting noticed this year.  Every couple wants to create a magical ambience which will make their day memorable and unique, whether it be quiet sophistication, rustic charm or full-on colourful impact.  From breathtaking impact pieces to a consideration for the environment, this year’s wedding trends promise to inspire.  Whilst I’m not a big one for following trends when it comes to wedding planning (I’m all up for celebrating you as a unique couple), the current trends can certainly get our thinking caps on for designs that will embrace your vibe and wow your guests. 

Let’s look at ten wedding flower trends for 2024

1. Small Bouquets: Gone are the days of those huge, oversized, opulent bouquets!  They were full-on, heavy and sometimes overwhelmed the bride.  This year sees the trend towards petite bouquets, filled with delicate blooms and touches of foliage.  Lilly of the Valley, Garden Roses, Hellebores and Sweet Peas are all lovely choices but be warned that small doesn’t always come with a small price tag.  If you’re looking for something along the lines of Kate Middleton’s bouquet, then be sure you have a royal budget to match: Lily of the Valley is extraordinarily expensive!  Whilst small is beautiful, make sure your bouquet is in scale with you and your dress – a petite bouquet might not work so well if you’re tall and wearing a princess-style gown.

Kate Middleton’s Bridal Bouquet – 1

2. Big Statement Pieces: I don’t think these ever go out of fashion!  I’m all in for large-scale, wow pieces.  They give great visual impact, provide fantastic opportunities and immediately set the tone for your day.  Whether you go for an arch, moon gate, floral pillars,  floor arch,  tall troughs, a full-length floral table runner or large urns, these types of designs will always turn heads and provide something really memorable.  Whatever your budget, I urge couples to consider having wow factor pieces at their wedding, even if it means cutting back elsewhere.  It’s the one time you get to have such a large focal flowery masterpiece so go for it!

Statement Aisle Decorations – 1

3. Limited Ingredients:  It is possible to create an incredible impact by using just one or two types of flowers.   Massing flowers of the same variety gives a strong look and can be great for the budget too.  No need for your florist to order multiple wraps of different flowers, instead they can bulk buy for a lower price meaning you are likely to get more for your money.  Clearly, you won’t get a country garden look but if you’re after a “wow”, choosing a couple of flowers with a strong colour theme is a great way to go.

Limited Ingredient Bouquet – 1

4. Sustainability:  With our environment under such threat, it makes sense to consider the impact of your wedding flowers.  It’s been shown that the environmental impact of flowers from Holland compared to those from Colombia or Kenya isn’t very different.  This is because running greenhouses versus air travel have similar carbon footprints.  If you really want a sustainable wedding, then consider English flowers.  You’ll get less choice and will have to follow the season, but you’ll know that they have a small carbon footprint.  Eliminate the use of plastic/single-use plastic as well with reusable containers, glassware and the tried and tested traditional method of using chicken wire and moss bases.

Sustainable Arch – 1

5. Less Foliage:  More and more couples are requesting designs that have minimal or no foliage.   I’m going to be controversial here and say, this isn’t a trend I can get behind!  Using foliage is definitely part of my style; I love the natural feel it gives, the shapes it creates and the way it provides a backdrop to showcase each flower. However, many couples want a clean, modern look.  If you do want to follow this trend for just flowers, then be prepared to pay, or emphasise quality over quantity.  Most, though not all,  foliage is generally cheaper than flowers so omitting it means your flower budget could increase dramatically.

Limited Foliage – 1

6. Repurposing:  Now this is a trend I can definitely get behind.  Flowers are expensive so getting the most out of your budget is a no-brainer!  A good florist will think about how your designs can be moved around or placed on different stands so that they get used during the ceremony and the wedding breakfast.  A ceremony table design is a top table design; meadow-style aisle runners become the decoration in front of the top table; glass bottles can be used as pew ends and then grouped on guest tables. I’ve taken an arch down and repurposed it into a mantlepiece design, and even deconstructed an arch to create a top table design.  Be mindful though that not all designs are easy to move or repurpose.  Floral arches can be really tricky to move – they are heavy, cumbersome and not made for handling.  Also, different designs have totally different mechanics which may mean they don’t work in multiple places.  Talk to your florist – I feel it’s part of my job to get the most out of your budget.

repurposing wedding flowers – 1

7. Flower Preservation:  After spending so much on your flowers, it’s natural to want to keep them for as long as possible.  There are many companies now that can preserve flowers for you.  Some dry and frame bouquets, others set them in resin.  Even if you don’t want to pay for a service you can dry or press flowers yourself.  Individual pressed flowers can look great in a photo album alongside your more casual wedding photos.  I love the idea of preserving wedding flowers, what a lovely way to remember your special day.

Flower Preservation – 1

8. Asymmetrical Designs:  We have, by and large, said goodbye to the perfectly round bouquets of roses and highly structured pedestal arrangements.  Although asymmetry is popular, it doesn’t mean we have gone back to rigid, traditional asymmetrical designs. Now it’s all about a more relaxed, natural feel with the “just picked” look still extremely popular. I very much embrace this more natural style but, don’t be fooled by the easy flow and appearance of such designs, to do them well takes a lot of skill.  

Asymmetrical Arch – 1

9. Diverse Flower Varieties:  Hydrangeas, Roses and Delphiniums have long been used in wedding décor; they are fragrant, luxurious and provide impact.  However, more flower varieties are joining the list of wedding staples including softer, more garden-style blooms such as Cosmos, Scabiosa, Ammi, Sweet Peas and herbs.  The world is your oyster when it comes to flowers, so stepping away from the usual list can give your wedding a unique feel.  

Diverse Varieties of Flowers – 1

10. Floral Pocket Squares: This one of for all the suit wearers out there who are too often forgotten when it comes to floral planning.  A simple buttonhole is a classic choice but what about something more adventurous and special?  A floral pocket square is great for adding a bit of zhoosh to a suit and ensuring that the important suit wearer gets noticed.  A full floral lapel is even more striking and will certainly turn heads.  If these are a step too far, think about incorporating something personal into a classic buttonhole – are you a cyclist who needs a mini spanner,  a Marvel fan who requires a Lego superhero or a bird spotter who wants to add a few special feathers?

Groom wearing a fresh flower pocket square
Floral Pocket Squares – 1

I hope these ideas help inspire you during your wedding planning but, whatever trend you choose to follow, make sure it still has you as a couple at its heart.  Weddings should be personal,  should reflect your personality and should hold true to your style.  If you want to talk through ideas, please get in touch.  I love planning weddings and would love to hear your love story.