December weddings are truly magical, as they capture the excitement of the Christmas season. The right choice of flowers can add that special layer of beauty and romance to your winter wonderland wedding. Whether you’re looking for deep Christmassy tones or icy whites, there’s sure to be a flower that suits. In this blog, we’ll explore the best flowers for a December wedding, helping you create a breathtaking floral landscape for your special day.

Top Choices for December Wedding Flowers UK

  1. Roses. Roses are a timeless choice for weddings, and they fit seamlessly into December’s romantic ambience. From the love and passion of deep reds to the light sophistication of whites and icy pinks, roses are perfect for any colour theme.

2. Gypsophila or Baby’s breath. With its delicate, cloud-like appearance, Gypsophila is perfect for a December wedding. This versatile flower complements a variety of other blooms and works wonderfully in creating ethereal, winter-inspired arrangements.

3. Orchids. Orchids are a symbol of luxury and elegance. White or pale pink orchids can add a touch of sophistication and purity to your December wedding. Consider using them in cascading bouquets, hanging centrepieces, or as stylish floral accents.

4. Hellebores. A truly seasonal choice these delicate but hardy flowers are a stunning winter choice. From deep burgundy to pale pinks, greens and ivories they are one of the few blooms you’ll find growing naturally in the UK over the winter.

5. Dried Pampas. Light-coloured, dry elements such as pampas or other grasses can add a deep texture to winter designs whilst adding a lovely sense of movement. They work well with just about any colour theme and can provide a great cosy, fluffy feel.

6.Eryngium. This thistle-like flower gives a beautiful shape and texture to designs. Available in blue or white/green it has a lovely outdoors wintery feel. It works perfectly with seasonal foliage such as pine, spruce, grevillea and eucalyptus.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Flowers
December is all about the magical festive spirit, romantic candlelight and the winter landscape. Using evergreen foliage, such as pine, spruce and conifer adds authenticity as well as tonnes of textural interest and scent. The addition of branches and twigs adds a rustic and festive touch. If you don’t want to embrace the full on Christmas feel of pine cones, berries, metallic foliage and deep reds, go for the jewel colours with Hellibores, Roses and Eryngium. Or embrace a snowy feel with lots of textural whites, silver accessories and accents of crystals which will sparkle and glimmer in the candlelight.

December Wedding Bouquets
Wonderland white: Go all out winter with a classic white bouquet filled with roses, orchids, wired crystals, brunia berries and elegant foliage such as eucalyptus parvifolia, asparagus fern and touches of ragwort.
• Romantic reds: Embrace the romance of Christmas with deep red roses, metallic foliage, pinecones and delicate gypsophila on a backdrop of evergreen foliage for a truly seasonal feel
• Deep jewel tones: If you want to avoid Christmas red but still want a deep cosy colour scheme, choose the jewel tones of hellebores teamed with deep burgundy and purple roses and blue eryngium. Add in some twisted willow and silver-grey foliage and you’ll achieve a sophisticated, opulent look.

Choosing the right flowers for your December wedding can transform your celebration into a winter wonderland filled with love and warmth. By embracing seasonal choices such as hellebores and roses, and adding delicate accents like baby’s breath and orchids, you can create a truly magical atmosphere. Don’t forget to infuse evergreen foliage, sparkling elements, and winter berries to complete the enchantment. With the right floral selections, your December wedding will be a memory that glistens with love, just like a frosty landscape.